Resource List For Items I Use

Some of these are sources with Amazon. If you find better source, let us know in the Telegram chat room.

LED Grow Lights

Four Foot LED lights

I use four of these on each layer of my shelf units. For migrogreens, two is enough.

LED grow lights (Amazon)

I am currently using five of these in my 40 sq ft lemna pond. One of these would be great for two 1020 hydroponic trays directly under with some microgreen trays on the sides (microgreens require less light).

Six Layer Shelf
Shelf Unit

2 Inch Mesh Pots
Net Pots

I put normal potting soil in these to grow hydroponics. You can start seeds with plain water and add hydroponic nutients as they get big.

Grow Trays

Hydroponic Trays

18 Hole Tray Covers
2 Inch Deep Heavy Duty 1020 Trays

Microgreen Trays

Shallow 1020 trays with option for holes or no holes. I grow microgreen in a tray with holes that sits in another tray with no holes.
1 Inch Deep Black Heavy Duty 1020 Trays

1 Inch Deep Heavy Duty Colored 1020 Trays With Holes

Hydroponic Nutrients
Hydroponic Nutrients

Live Duckweed Samples
Lemna Minor

Sellers come and go, so if this link is bad, search for "lemna duckweed". The actual species I use is Lemna Minor. I have grown this in small 1020 trays for years to study it. You do not need to make a big pond all at once. I recommned growing this on a small scale just to get some experience with it before expanding production. If you have a fish aqaurium, this will grow in it (yes, the fish will eat it).

Microgreen Seeds (and all seeds)

If you can buy seeds as "Cover Crop" seeds, they are way cheaper. Albert Lea seed Company is a good example.
Sunflower The veriety of microgreens I raise are: Field Pea (1 cup per tray), Black Oil Sunflower (1 cup per tray), Broccoli (30 grams per tray), Radish (30 grams per tray), Wheat for wheatgrass juice (1 cup per tray). Any source for whole wheat you have is fine. I have 15 year old wheat that still sprouts at almost 100%. Some of these look expensive but do some math. For one pound of broccoli seed, consider that you can make one 1020 tray with 30 grams. I figure the cost is roughly $2 per tray including potting soil. These microgreens typically retial for $15 to $20 per tray or more. Also, in a pinch, you can buy the Black Oil Sunflour seeds where bird seed is sold. I don't know what chemicals they are treated with but they will sprout. In general, I try to buy larger quantities for better pricing.

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